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Str Qt Nr 2: “Atlantis” 25 min.
for tenor voice and string quartet
[Text by Hart Crane]
Premiered by the Borromeo Quartet with tenor Wade Henderson, at Bargemusic, Brooklyn,
October 2008.

2000 Magritte Variations 8 min.
for baritone voice, clarinet, viola and piano
[Text by Joseph Stanton]
Commissioned and premiered by University of North Carolina at Greensboro,
October 2000.

1997 American Triptych 10 min.
three songs for soprano, flute, clarinet/bass clarinet,
violin, cello, piano and percussion
[Texts by Jane Kenyon]
Premiered by Mallarme Chamber Players with soprano Leda Scearce, October 1999.

1995 The Shade of Orpheus 18 min.
for soprano, flute/piccolo, clarinet/bass clarinet, viola,
doublebass, harp, percussion
[Text by Ovid/trans. Allen Mandelbaum]
Premiered by soprano Leda Scearce and members of the Honolulu Symphony,
October 1995.

1995 Bird by Bird 12 min.
ten songs for soprano and flute
[Texts by A.R. Ammons]
Premiered by soprano Leda Scearce and flutist Sue McGinn, May 1995.

1989 Four Quotations 9 min.
for baritone voice, violin, viola, and cello
[Texts by John Ashbery]
Premiered by the Bowling Green State University faculty string trio
with baritone Paul Sahuc, February 1989.

1984 united 4 min.
for mezzo-soprano and horn
[Text by Bjorson/trans. Miller]
Premiered by Mezzo Peggy Stephenson and hornist Paul Gambill, February 1985.


Third Quartet 25 min.
for string quartet
Premiered by the Penderecki Quartet on the Open Ear Festival in Toronto, June 2014.

Rumble Strip 6 min.
for baritone saxophone (or cello) and marimba
Comissioned and premiered by Wayne Leechford, March 2011

Ceremonies 10 min.
for brass quintet
Co-commissioned by the Raleigh Chamber Music Guild and the Carolina Brass
for the opening of the new North Carolina Museum of Art, April 2010.

2004-08 The 99 Beautiful Names of God 70 min.
in four books for solo piano
Premiered by pianist John Cheek, April 2006 (Book I), October 2007 (Book II),
August 2008 (Book III), March 2009 (Book IV).

2000 String Quartet 1° 20 min.
for string quartet
Commissioned and premiered by the Ciompi and Fry Street Quartets, October 2000
and May 2002, through a Meet the Composer New Residency.

1998 A Command Performance for the King of Tonga 5 min.
for horn and percussion
Commissioned and premiered by North Carolina School of the Arts, May 1999.

1996 The Night I Had Dinner with Jose Greco 7 min.
for violin and marimba
Premiered by violinist Mark Menzies and marimbist Gareth Farr in New Zealand,
September 1996.

1994 Nuance 16 min.
four movements for flute, horn, and piano
Commissioned and premiered by the Raleigh Chamber Music Guild
for the New York Chamber Soloists, February 1995.

1994 Blue Sonata 11 min.
for violin, cello, and piano
Commissioned and premiered by North Carolina State University, January 1994.

1993 Tribute 3 min.
fanfare for brass and percussion [2-2-2-Bar-Tuba, 4 perc]
Commissioned and premiered by North Carolina State University, April 1993.

1991 squaring the circle 15 min.
for clarinet and cello
Commissioned and premiered by the Wake Chamber Players, April 1991.

1989 Gaea's Lament 6 min.
for solo cello
Premiered by cellist Jonathan Kramer, November 1989.


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