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2019-20 finds the first restaging of Macbeth and the premieres of two new ballets for Carolina Ballet‚ÄĒFrankenstein and The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.

J. Mark Scearce is the composer of some of your favorite and most memorable productions of Carolina Ballet: Kreutzer, Guernica, Reverdy, Endymion, Dracula, Masque, Macbeth, Mucha, and now Frankenstein and Mariner.

In approaching this season’s premiere double-bill, Scearce chose a string quartet as the common ensemble between them with an oboe and a bass-baritone for the medieval-influenced Mariner, and percussion and organ for the Baroque-inspired Frankenstein.

In typical Scearcian fashion, music drives the psychology of the dance from the redemptive oboe of Mariner to the driving arctic pursuit of the monster derived from the doctor’s tragic wedding music in Frankenstein.

When it comes to a Scearce ballet, no listening is without its rewards.

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